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AGU is offering students alternative path of learning to inform and transform the world at the same time.

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Joint AGU alternative health care plan for perfect balance and integration of body-mind and consciousness into health.

Know your body type and mind-type to design the most effective individualized diet, nutrition and exercise and emotional wellness plan.

The founder of the Alternative Global University strongly believes that the development of an open and honest mind with love and compassion for the fellow human beings, is necessary for a world where all can live creatively in peace, happiness, health and harmony.

Start a new career in alternative care and healing. Get training in different modalities of healing with individualized attention.

Come and join our collective mission to a better future with both health and happiness. Become a student or just take some classes or improve your health and prevent diseases with our innovative alternative care. AGU wellness program is not only complementing modern medicine but also implementing innovative methods of healing to follow the original goal of science of healing in medicine.

Alternative Global University will also provide every knowledge seeker the option to learn through many Alternative programs in different subject areas. We will encourage people of all ages and all backgrounds to come and join the Alternative Global University's mission so that we can together infect the whole world with knowledge and wisdom to prevent many undue human sufferings.

Our mission is global change through Alternative path in every area of human exploration so that we can see the alternative perspectives of everything before we give up any hope of learning for the development of an enlightened global society.


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