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Alternative media for enlightened journalism and social transformation

We are noticing that more and more newspapers, TV, and other main stream commercial media is losing the credibility of enlightened news reporting or journalism. Every profession needs to find job opportunities and financial freedom.  That is why commercialization might be logical but when money becomes the sole determinant of modern media then enlightened minds cannot get any help from media to serve the higher purpose in society.

Under these circumstances new alternative media outlet needs to be developed to give enlightened minds the power and support to do the real goal of media and journalism. As people become more and more educated, they will demand a different kind of media which focuses on the positive aspect of society than the 24 hours negative news cycle. Due to too much circulation of negative news in major commercial media, negative attitude or activity usually get all the attention as part of the breaking news and positive thought or work is not considered equally news worthy.    

Emergency weather or human safety issues can be important for breaking news. Unfortunately violent destructive news is more sensational than the thoughtful, conscious, peaceful aspect of daily life. We unfortunately give so much importance to violence as news worthy than non-violence, constructive people get no attention in the current system of media and journalism. We became carried away by celebrity news so much that we forgot the actual reason behind discovery of those technology breakthroughs which made news more instant. Scientific development is the basis of every evolution of technology and instead of giving attention to the scientific mind, media gives too much importance to unscientific mind.

The resultant effect is more circulation of confused state and confusion. A total dilution of critical sense of journalism. Journalists also have to have more scientific in depth knowledge to really understand the modern world.  

In order to revive original mission of freedom of press and real higher goal of media, AGU will offer a series of courses for making enlightened media and journalists. Join AGU and take those courses to revive enlightened Journalism and media development in the 21st century.



1. Enlightened Media and Journalism

2. Writing Internet Blog with higher analytical sense

3. Multidisciplinary knowledge and integrated understanding for objective reporting  

4. Celebrating true wisdom of journalism without celebrity nonsense as news

5. News analysis and developing your third eye of enlightened reporting 

6. Positive news for positive social impact

"The job of each and every media outlet is to search the enlightened mind so that society will get the maximum benefit from the media." "Instead of the enlightened mind asking the media to pay attention to them, the media better realize it for their own success and also to fulfill their social responsibility." Guruji

There is a big media assumption about positive news not being exciting for common people. Positive non-violent, conscious mind is not news worthy or suitable for the higher rating of media because common people will not read it or watch it. This faulty assumption led to too much celebrity nonsense and too much destruction or violent news being covered by the media 24 hour, 365 days in the year. But the truth is, the public deep down, likes positive things and positive news. This false myth must go away from the main stream media or they will lose their credibility and enlightened citizen based journalism will replace the old structure and get major pubic attention to create Alternative media as the new mantra of 21st century.

Alternative path of learning as mentioned in the main topic can be very useful even for people who are getting into specific degree courses in any other universities so that you can keep that alternative ideals throughout your life to improve the educational system in every discipline of knowledge to cultivate the goal of creating enlightened society.

Many post graduate degree course will start at the AGU in collaboration with other universities. 

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