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 Alternative vision of Science or Bigyan in ancient India: 

1. Why we need to understand the direction of science based on Bigyan?

2. Why Bigyan has an inbuilt mechanism  to bring the best of eastern and western discovery in science?

3. What is the philosophy of Bigyan?

4. What is innovation according to Bigyan?

5. What is the role of scientists in society according to Bigyan?

6. Why sense of Bigyan can be effective for the western scientists to reclaim the inherent nature of ethics within the scientific community?  

7. Why Hindu science is different from many pseudo-sciences?

8. Why the west neglected for so long that enlightened spirit of Hindu science? 

9. Why Hindu science based on Bigyan is not subjective as many western scientists might think?

10. How seeking objective truth based on Bigyan differs from any classical concept of science? 

Alternative path of learning as mentioned in the main topic can be very useful even for people who are getting into specific degree courses in any other universities so that you can keep that alternative ideal throughout your life to improve the educational system in every discipline of knowledge to cultivate the goal of creating enlightened society.

Many post graduate degree course will start at the AGU in collaboration with other universities. 

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