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Biography of a Yogi, Scientist and enlightened spiritual thinker


"More we work together more we will solve problems specially related to human health."
"Healthy and happy life is the birth right of every human in the planet."

                                                                                         Acharya Dr. Surajit Sengupta 




Prof. Sengupta, the president of Alternative Global University, is an authority on the science of healing and an internationally known thinker, spiritual master, healer, Yogi, Scientist and doctor of Alternative medicine. Among many of his awards include Seva Chakra, Seva Ratna, Charak award for his contribution in Ayurvedic medicine and Patanjali award for his contribution in the discipline of Yoga. He is also interested to unite both ancient and modern science together to serve humanity with one mission called healing. His work in the science of healing is now integrated into the Alternative and Holistic Health Care system to serve more people worldwide. His work has the potential to cultivate the wisdom of enlightened medicine® in the 21st century.

Acharya in Sanskrit means a teacher, scholar, founder of a specific school of thought or philosophy. He also has a direct Brahmin lineage with direct historical connection to the original Yogic, Ayurvedic and Hindu spiritual root of India. Swami Vivekananda’s ideals played an important role to guide his self-disciplined path of life from an early childhood. Swami Sankarananda, the seventh president of Ramakrishna Mission was also his grand uncle in relation and that direct spiritual link also influenced his thought process to love and serve everyone with equal respect and clarity of thought without any drop of discrimination. That is why not a single person can say that his Brahmin root has anything to do with any sign of discrimination based on any caste or creed. But preserving the original Hindu root of heritage and scholarly thinking skills of the universal ancient Brahmin thinkers or Rishis should be respected by all caste and creed to maintain originality of thought and clarity of mind in every century.

According to Hindu philosophy of real spiritual evolution of mysticism, any external feature, or special dress code or physical appearance has no meaning or significance. It is the enlightened mind and consciousness of the individual that determines whether the person should be considered as a Guru or not. If the Guru is capable of manifesting supreme-clarity of thought with multi-dimensional knowledge then he is obviously playing the critical role of Supreme Hindu Guru to preserve supreme-clarity and attainment of supreme-consciousness of humanity in the 21st century.  

The English language is diluting the deeper meaning of the Sanskrit word “Guru” and casually translating it into just an “expert” in a field. Guru can never be translated into English word like expert or specialist in a field. It is important to preserve the original authentic Sanskrit wisdom behind the word Guru. This is the reason Dr. Sengupta wants everyone to evaluate his mind and consciousness before following him as the Guru. Real Guru will be never afraid of the critical evaluation of his mind and consciousness by any students. Those who are convinced to follow ancient wisdom can only get admission into the Gurukul program for enlightenment at the Institute. Those who accepted him as Guru or an enlightened teacher honor him by calling him Guruji.

Nobel Laureate Mother Teresa, Nobel Laureate Dalai Lama, and Professor Robert Muller, the Chancellor of the U.N. University for Peace, are among the distinguished people who have previously received the Seva Chakra award.

Sengupta is doing research in developing early diagnostic tools or evaluation methods for preventative medicine. He has done many years of biomedical research before fully immersing himself for the revival of ancient Indian scientific and medical discoveries in the field of Ayurvedic medicine and medical Yoga. His master's research review work on Quantum mechanical tunneling in biological system helped him to understand quantum mechanical aspect of healing and his master's research thesis on amino-acyl t-RNA systhetase and it's evolutionary impact can explain the biochemical basis of the evolution of human consciousness from a tiny microbial cell. His current research would explain how ordinary consciousness state to super-conscious state can be attained and the scientific basis of such conscious evolution of mind.

His multidisciplinary background of physiology, biochemistry, bio-physics, molecular and cellular biology helped him to further the research of ancient Indian Science of healing. He is also developing new therapeutic techniques to maintain usual paths of progress in medicine. He has done some new research to develop innovative holistic weight loss programs and doctoral research thesis on Mind-Body Medicine.
Sengupta has offered seminars and lectures as a continuing education program for doctors and nurses in the U.S. and he has also offered public speeches on health and wellness in different Health Expo and community health education programs. He has published articles in several American newspapers. His hobby is music and he has also created a multimedia CD on chanting and his own poetry recitation with classical Indian music.
Many of his lectures and music CDs are available at the Institute.

His vision of Science and Spirituality:

"Understanding the true meaning of Dharma not only allows us to find peace, freedom and goodness in life but also allows us to continue experimental observation to discover truth or the ultimate reality."

He explore his life with pure objective scientific thinking while still deeply rooted in the Hindu Vedantic vision where subject or self becomes the object of self-experimentation or Yog-Sadhana. Thus body-mind-consciousness everything together becomes part of the continuum of the whole universe. This is the reason Western, Eastern or Indian scientists will be able to relate easily with him. Modern science and technology definitely advanced a lot to improve our objective understanding of the life and universe. But most of the society is still far behind when it comes to deeper objective and subjective combined critical realization of the self or the universe without superstition, prejudices, self-bias, ego, or personal individual limitations based on preconceived ideas of absolute truth or ultimate reality. His work will allow the scientific community to better understand the subjective spiritual world with same objective scientific observation skills. His long years of Yog-sadhana and also multidisciplinary scientific background allowed his brain to integrate many information together so that subjective observation of truth can filter through many layers of objective self-experimentation process. This is the reason he is more interested to inspire modern scientific, medical community to realize why Hindu ancient way of doing scientific observation is still relevant to advance scientific understanding in every branches of science further.

Sengupta's vision of a compassionate health care system is inherent in his concept of medicine below:

"We must realize that medical science is not a pure objective science. Medical science is still primarily a discipline which is somewhere between objective and subjective understanding. Advances in physical sciences and medical technology definitely helped medical science to advance but still we do not know many things in pure objective sense. Even modern allopathic medicine adopted many procedures which cannot be explained in pure objective sense of science. So the real goal of medical science is always to heal people not duel on the subjective or objective reality. It is very important to advance the scientific understanding but it is equally important to end human suffering by healing people."

                                                   Acharya Dr. Surajit Sengupta

This is the reason Sengupta is dedicating his time first to heal more people still sincere to objectively understand the science of healing based on Yoga therapy and Ayurvedic medicine.

According to him, science can be used as a major spiritual force for improving human life. Thus he introduced the scientific vision in every area of his work to improve Indian system of medicine and to introduce science in the method of healing. He believes every problem of human life can be solved by developing a scientific attitude among people of every background. We always feel that science alone without the help of religion cannot give the ethical and moral guidance to human life.

Sengupta wants to document how science is viewed in ancient India and understanding of "Vigyan Sadhana" can make modern science more complete to practically transform human life. Whether it is in the east or west, it is very difficult to live a complete scientific life in every single day or every single moment of our life. Advancement in science and technology does not necessarily make everyone scientific. It requires both scientific training and rational thought development. But Sengupta developed specific physical and mental exercises to achieve an absolute state of higher consciousness with pure scientific path of self-realization without any preconceived notion of truth.

Any organization, Institute, School, University or Corporations interested to invite him for seminar or lecture series can directly write to the University.

If by educating and teaching more people about health we can prevent disease, then we might need less medication and treatments.

He prefers to be a teacher or Acharya to create enlightened medicine as the 21st century health care system. Thus his approach of healing might motivate many doctors to become an enlightened teacher to better serve the patient.

He strongly believes that teaching a person about the methods of optimal health is very important to prevent any disease state either in the body or mind. This is the reason Institute is dedicated to help people through more effective health teaching tools and healing methods.

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