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AGU is offering students alternative path of learning to inform and transform the world at the same time.


Alternative Global University is interested to offer the path of Dharma for universal justice system with an absolute objective sense of the law. Once the sense of Dharma becomes ingrained in the human brain, there will be no bad intensions in the mind.

In every modern democratic society the rule of law is important to create a modern society. Constitutional democracy protects individual rights, fundamental rights of all citizens, women's rights and maintain a balance of power structure between all branches of government. 

But the sense of Dharma will influence even the non-democratic nations to offer individual rights, women's rights, political freedom and universal justice system until they are ready to become a fully functional democracy. Cultivation of Sense of Dharma would make even democratic society more relevant to spread individual freedom and social justice as the common mission of humanity.

Thus Dharma will force every society to follow the sense of objectivity while allowing the highest subjective conscious evolution of human mind for enlightened brain state to create a legal system without risk of misuse of any power structure.

 This is a special training to inculcate sense of Dharma in human mind. It is not any substitute for existing laws or existing legal training or existing legal system of specific state or nations but going to help the society globally to understand the deeper conscious meaning of all encompassing laws that govern our life and universe irrespective of time or place.


 Dharma and Moral law for an enlightened society:

 1. What we as citizens need to know about the Constitution?

 2. Why even to follow the good legal system correctly, basic understanding of law is essential?

 3. Why modern society needs to educate their people about rule of law?

 4. Why human self-evolution is equally important to maintain rule of law?

 5. Why sincere following of copyright law and patent law is essential to protect knowledge based economy?

 6. Why copyright and patent law is not working very efficiently to protect the original thinkers and masters?

 7. Why modern people need to realize that acknowledging the original source was part of ancient Indian method of preserving the authenticity of  knowledge is essential today ?

8. What is sense of justice based on Dharma?

9. Why none can escape the law of Karma?

10. Why integrating best wisdom with scientific clarity is also good for the modern world? 

Alternative path of learning as mentioned in the main topic can be very useful even for people who are getting into specific degree courses in any other universities so that you can keep that alternative ideal throughout your life to improve the educational system in every discipline of knowledge to cultivate the goal of creating enlightened society.

Many post graduate degree course will start at the AGU in collaboration with other universities. 

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