Alternative Global University LLC

AGU is offering students alternative path of learning to inform and transform the world at the same time.


If you like to open a branch then e.mail and discuss. You will get necessary training, support and help to establish the branch.

If you would like to invest your expertise and scientific knowldge for the advancement of Alternative care, feel free to contact the University. Our mission is to unite and invite everyone for the collective goal of a healthy and happy society. Rich can invest money. Educated people can invest their knowledge. Poor and uneducated can invest their time and spirit so that we all together can achieve the mission. We strogly believe in the utilization of every human life to make a better society. So join and help to open new branches all over America and also in many parts of the world.

We are also loking for Alternative and complementary health care practitioners or natural health care practitioners to expand our mission. Please feel free to contact the Institute if you like to help our mission of a healthy and happy society in the 21st century. Looking healers and other holistic health care practitioners so that we can train them in the field of science of healing.


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