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If we explore the ancient Sanskrit word 'Dharma' then we can get many very useful and relevant concepts essential to elevate human consciousness until the end of time. If we take the very simple meaning then we can say that Dharma is the essense which can hold us together for common mission and common higher purpose of humanity. Dharma will make all religions more universal so that enlightenment becomes the common mantra of all religions for the generations to come.

AGU is interested to preserve the best spiritual elements of all cultures and all societies.

We must acknowledge the contributions of ancient Hindu sages and also modern Hindu thinkers for their universal wisdom to preserve the Sanatan Dharma or the eternal principles which does not change with time or place.

Short courses in the following areas to cultivate spiritual growth free from dogma:

 Courses on Dharma:

 1. What is the real meaning of the word Dharma?

 2. Why Dharma is much more relevant for modern society even though it originated in ancient India?

 3. Why sense of Dharma is perfectly compatible to modern vision of humanity?

 4. Why sense of Dharma is good for both religious and non-religious people to converge into one reality called pure dedication to seek the truth.

 5. Why sense of Dharma eliminates the debate between your or my interpretation of truth based on individual perception of truth?

 6. Why freedom from Dogma is good for society?

 7. Why sense of Dharma is good for the universal realization process?

 8. Why those religions which lack Dharma element cannot influence real intelligent minds in conscious evolution?

 9. Why Dharma can give modern science the same essence as many religions claim to lead humanity in the same moral higher ground?

10. Why realization of Dharma is important to create an enlightened mind?  


Course on Spirituality and Healing: 

  What is spirituality?

  Why do we need sense of spirituality in modern life?

  Why universal approach to spirituality better than specific religion based spirituality?

  How can we preserve cultural root and heritage of each religion while realize the universal purpose of   spirituality to better serve mankind?  

  What is healing?

  What is science of healing?

  Why do we need to know modern science to improve science of healing in medicine?

  How is science and spirituality viewd by East and West?

  How can science and spirituality of healing be integrated to unite art and science in medicine?

  Why science of healing is better for the preservation of true medical wisdom than miracle?

  Why scientific wisdom can bring a new dynamism in the critical realization of spirituality of healing?


  Course on Religion and Bioethics:

  What is bioethics?

  How religion define bioethics?

  How science define bioethics?

  Cloning and bioethics

  Genetic engineering and biothics  

  Genetherapy and bioethics

  Genetic privacy and bioethics

  Stem cell research and bioethics

  Women health freedom and bioethics

  Medical privacy and medical ethics

  Organ transplantation and bioethics

  Meat consumption and ethical treatment of animal 

  Food security, genetically altered food and bioethics

  Bionics and bioethics

  Dharma and bioethics

"Sense of Dharma will give the women equality and equal pay which is long over due." Guruji



Alternative path of learning as mentioned in the main topic can be very useful even for people who are getting into specific degree courses in any other universities so that you can keep that alternative ideal throughout your life to improve the educational system in every discipline of knowledge to cultivate the goal of creating enlightened society.


Many post graduate degree course will start at the AGU in collaboration with other universities. 

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