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AGU is offering students alternative path of learning to inform and transform the world at the same time.

"Education is the manifestation of perfection already in human." Swami Vivekananda

The purpose of Alternative Education is to offer those areas of knowledge which we usually neglect when we are young because of our primary goal of material success. If we spent money to learn then definitely we have every right to evaluate how much we will earn after our degree. But that view may be legitimate in a capitalistic system of education but not the final goal of our life.

AGU is fully supportive of individual success and economic opportunity. But AGU's goal is creating a holistic education.

AGU has a special opportunity for adult learning so that people of any age can regain the confidence of learning in life.

Many people might go back to school after retirement. AGU has a special program for them too. Our Alternative Education program is for those who might not fit the criteria for traditional full time education but definitely agree with the value of education for total self-development.

1. Value Based Education™

The idea of value @ AGU is based on universally accepted life guiding principle  
A. What  is  value  based  education™?

B. Why do we need that method of education? 

C. How to inculcate those values in early childhood

D. Value of Education

E. Value based education for complete human development

F. Alternative path to revive original goal of life-long learning

G. Policy reform for Alternative path in School and college education

H. Alternative media's role for value based education™

I. Value based education™ for the success of Teachers, Parents and Leaders  

Special Courses for Self-Development: 

Yoga Teacher's Training:

1. Yoga Philosophy

2. Yoga and physical fitness

3. Yoga and mental fitness 

4. Yoga and Self-realization

5. Yoga and self-evolution

Special class to improve personal efficiency:

1. Brain efficiency and higher, faster processing of information 

2. Concentration and meditation for ADD

3. Memory and Brain Fitness for the prevention of the elderly

Alternative path of learning as mentioned in the main topic can be very useful even for people who are getting into specific degree courses in any other universities so that you can keep that alternative ideal throughout your life to improve the educational system in every discipline of knowledge to cultivate the goal of creating enlightened society.

Many post graduate degree course will start at the AGU in collaboration with other universities. 

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