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Holistic Health and Wellness Programs:

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Learn what is imbalance and how to bring back balance before sickness or getting into any altered state which may lead to disease state.
The maintenance of our heart or brain efficiency or mind-body balance is important for our long-term health. The procedure does not always have to be complex, technology driven or high-tech machine based but rather it can be methodical, scientific and a simple step by step process to balance the regulatory function of the most sophisticated cellular machine called human body and the cellular computer or human brain.

This is the most exciting aspect of Sengupta method® of optimal health because it trains the brain and the body to relearn the regulatory mechanism through specific set of self-regulatory exercises to improve subtle energy regulation.

Sengupta method® consists of three important steps for total body healing1. Nerve-Muscle integrationTM
2. SS-Self-regulation Techniques
3. Mind-Body Integration

We spend a lot of time at work or eating out with friends but very little time with our own self to deepen our understanding of our own body, mind or learn how to maintain our health.
It is very important that you know more about yourself as you would explore the whole outside world for career opportunity or personal success, business or may be just for pure exploration.

Thus by knowing your own body, mind and consciousness state, you will not only better equip your health or fitness but also your self-understanding to better fit in the constantly changing world.

If you are feeling tired, energy deficient, or dealing with constant physical and mental stress then you better evaluate your current state of wellness and individual constitutions. If you are suffering from any chronic health problems, then you should learn more about your own constitutions and also the factors causing the imbalance in order to better manage your health.

Wellness is not just about freedom from disease state but also mastering skills that may improve our nerve-muscle regulation, higher self-regulation at the organ level, better postural balance, greater flexibility, more clarity of mind and higher concentration, memory and vision. Our program is designed to help you develop those skills to maintain steady state of health.

The program includes:
1. Postural evaluation
2. Flexibility in the joint and muscle
3. Concentration and memory
4. Weight, BMI and BIA analysis
5. Evaluation of breathing
6. Ayurvedic body type, diet, daily and seasonal routine
7. Ayurvedic supplements
8. Individual habit and mental constitution evaluation to better understand why some people face a much harder time to quit smoking, drinking, or other risks of addiction, and preventing excess sugar, fat or unhealthy food consumption.
9. Life-style plan to improve sleep, relaxation, anti-aging, vitality and inner peace.
10.Alternative and complementary medical treatment plan based on Yoga therapy and Ayurvedic medicine.

New self-development and self-discovery path for both healing and spirituality:

1. Open your Heart and MindTM
2. Science of Healing in Medicine
3. Develop your 3rd EYE for Enlightenment
This program is developed by Guruji (Acharya Surajit Sengupta) after many years of sadhana in the field of healing and spirituality. Most westerner are not very familiar with the word sadhana. Most modern scientist verify the validity of any experiment through research. But if we like to do the same research by considering our own body as the laboratory and Yoga as the self-experimentation tool then after many years of self-experimentation, self-exploration, self-realization and self-discovery, one can find the deeper meaning of Yog-sadhana where objective science and subjective spirituality both can converge into one unique discipline of science which is defined by Guruji as the Science of Enlightenment

WHO already considers Ayurvedic medicine as one of the oldest system of holistic health care. National council for complementary and alternative medicine at NIH also included Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga based healing as part of their CAM care programs. Natural and alternative health care is getting more and more world wide recognition. Indian government also created a special department called AYUS for the promotion of Indian system of health care world wide. People are globally already using Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine for health and wellness.

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